Chophouse Row

Chophouse Row combines a historic auto row building with a new steel and concrete loft office building. Its pedestrian alley and courtyard host a collection of local tenants that focus on delivering morning-into-evening food, beverage, and retail options to both residents and visitors to the neighborhood.

With housing and office space above, the ground floor is home to a handful of restaurants and tiny shops built around a pedestrian alley that leads to a courtyard. Part of the appeal — as in cities like London and Paris — lies in discovering what’s tucked away.
— New York Times
No chef in this city, ever, has captured the untamed essence of Northwest abundance the way Matt Dillon (Sitka and Spruce, London Plane, Corson Building) has done. And nowhere is this truer this minute than at Upper Bar Ferdinand, thanks to Dillon’s self-imposed restrictions (most produce, meat, and eggs from his Vashon farm, only five electrical appliances), and the nightly invention those limits necessitate.
— Seattle Met
Kurt Timmermeister, the storied cheesemaker who traded in restaurants for a dairy farm, is back in the food-service biz again with the launch of his adorable Kurt Farm Shop.
— Zagat
Tucked cheek by jowl on the building’s mews — a pedestrian passageway open to the sky — Niche Outside and Kurt Farm Shop spill outdoors with colorful seating that underlies the Euro vibe.
— Sunset Magazine
(At Amandine), sharing an airy (if narrow) space with the excellent coffee slingers from Empire Espresso, Sara Naftaly—whose late jewel-box bar, Sambar, helped drive the city’s cocktail renaissance—makes French pastries with a vibrant, seasonal American palate.
— Bon Appetit
Now comes word via Seattle Met that Bruce (Naftaly) is ending his retirement … The venue will include a restaurant, Marmite, and a cocktail bar, Spirit in the Bottle. … And the final satisfying detail of this glorious comeback story is that Bruce plans to sell his stock through the restaurant and will also relocate his cooking classes to the new venture. Stay tuned.
— Eater Seattle
The Chophouse Row project earned one of just 26 nominations for the Urban Land Institute’s 2016 Global Awards for Excellence… The project has been incredibly successful, and demonstrates the power of a complementary collection of uses.
— Alaska Airlines Magazine